The ILL Funeral

We meet here today to honor the life of ILL. We give thanks for his life and ask God to bless him now that their time in this world has come to an end.
For us, there is loss, grief and pain. Every one of us here has been affected - perhaps in small ways, or perhaps in transformative ones- by ILL. His life mattered to us all.
It is important for us to collectively acknowledge and accept that the world has fundamentally changed with his passing. We are all grieving. Life will not be the same - nor should it be. Together, let us open our hearts and commemorate the impact ILL had on us.

Eternal God,
We pray for ourselves and for ILL
We stand where Earth and Heaven meet,
Where life is brought to death
Deliver us from grief, fear and doubt,
From despair and unbelief,
And bring us to the light of your presence.
Grant us that peace which the world cannot give
So that we, with ILL may trust in you
And find our life through you.

Lord, you renew the face of the Earth,
Gather to yourself ILL, whom we have loved,
And grant him those things
Which eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor the human heart imagined.

Great Father-Mother God,
Watch over us this day - and all days.
Give us the strength to accept what is past,
To appreciate what is present
And to look forward to good in our future.
Grant us peace; sacred moments of communion with the Universe
And faith - in whatever most expresses our deepest inner truth.
Bless us and heal us; breathe peace and grace into our lives

Please stand.

ILL is now safe. He is already on their way to heaven to enjoy all which awaits there. Let us say this final farewell to his body as we commit ILL physical form to its natural end.
ILL, we bless you and thank you for being a part of our lives. We honor your life on Earth and we pray for your peace ever-after. We will not forget you. Go well into the kingdom of heaven.

Please sit.

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I would now like to invite to the front anyone who would like to share some remarks about ILL:


Active member
There was a need to scratch a nostalgia itch people had a chance to do that and they moved on to other games that are more appealing than a dead game. I played since the old good days Was nominated best ESU by the community members and i was enjoying the rp that comes with ESU to the point where all other factions became boring for me to play them.
I will give Arma 3 life an other go, on EU servers see you there maybe. And lets not forget to thank Ellis and Callum for giving us a chance to play together for one last chance on a beloved mod that lots of us wasted many years of their life playing it :ROFLMAO:
I had a fun time here and ILL will be missed. Until the next time. Enjoy my photo from when I visited Impound Lot heaven.


Or when my Suburban learned how to fly and left me behind

Or When I perfectly parked my Helicopter in the Safehouse Area.

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