Saturday, Sunday & The Rest

Big stuff is happening this weekend!

We know the server has run dry, but for the sake of a little fun we're inviting everyone back for a big weekend.

Suggestions implemented
Biggest server event yet
Tier giveaways
Official factions introduced (if your faction has been accepted you must play this date or contact Ellis)

SUNDAY 8th Sept
Server event
No stat wipe this week
Official faction bases put in-game (some)

The server opened as a one week experience, and through the huge community appreciation of the server, it lasted well into its 4th week!

We're so grateful for this, and as such we'll keep the server up for as long as feasible; though there is no point buying a server for zero players.

We are considering ideas such as only having the server open on weekends to try to keep player count up (economy would be shifted), though we're open to other ideas.

Furthermore, as some of you may know, during the final week of the server's high population myself and Callum were on absence for a short period. We'd like to apologise for not supplying some pre-warning to our players, but had left the community in the caring hands of our Community Managers. We're excited to play again and would love for you to join us.