New tier?

Tier 5

As the heading suggests, we are releasing an update which will bring a new Tier with it. Currently, we have three tiers available for people to receive via giveaways, trivias and events. As a result of the success of the first week and as a thank you from us for all your support and activity we would like to give a little something extra back to the community and thus Tier 5 is here to be won.

Tier 5, will not be an easy perk to achieve and will take a lot of dedication and luck but for those who do make it to the point where they can receive the rank will soon realise how great it is.

Thanks for all your support!



2 towers and a militarized fortress aren't necessary for a green zone, just saying <3 love the idea though.
I mean there is a message that says... "You need to donate $20 to get access to VIP Cop" Doesn't that count?