Hoxtons piece

Well my friends it is that time again....

The hype has gone and the game play has stagnated.

Now don't get me wrong it was good and it was lovely seeing a community that was apart of my childhood reform but it seems we can't get it right.

Arma 2
Arma 3

They all died a death
(apart from arma 3, that shit was toxic)

I don't want to lose this community and i'm sure you don't either.

So heres my idea

Arma 3 2 electric boogaloo

But scrap the life mod shit, its a dead genre and it just brings out the worst in everyone.

Arma 3 has so many more modes that can allow a community to thrive, antitasi, exile, zeus etc.

Why don't we use the community in large events such as zeus events etc, we can all have fun PVP, PVE etc and its unique therefore game play will not stagnate.

Maybe even some light mil sim, some small zeus controlled RP stuff.

Change the community from a life mod/rp focus to a gaming community.

just a suggestion, if it dies, it dies and i will see you on the next venture