How many hours do you have on Arma 2/3?

Ok well its late and im bored so I went exploring to see how I have no life or atleast in the past.

Arma 2 I have 2727 hours. Never thought I would get there let a lone that odd number.
(All on Island Life ILG/ILL crazyyyyyyyy)
Arma 3 I have 2033 hours.

That is if you do the math 6.6 months of my life spent playing Arma. Now Id say a 1/5? Maybe that is afk but not that much. That is freaking insane to especially Arma 2 as Island Life was my shit and still is. So how many hours do you guys all have? Lets see who has a life if any of us do?

Miles R.

On Arma 2 and Arma 2: OA I have a total of 641 hours. Most of it being ILL and a bit of it being the Arma 2 campaign.
On Arma 3, I have 179 hours. Which are mixed between AR, battle royale, and a Domination Map.

I would say I spent around 85% of my time on ILL and the rest on the campaign. So around 544 of those hours are of me playing ILL.
As for my time on AR, I would say maybe close to 65% was on there. So that is roughly 116 hours.


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At the moment, 780+ hours on ARMA 2 and 47 on A3

However, with this server back into action, you can expect my hours on A2 to jump drastically! :p