2019 Summer Re-Launch

Welcome back everyone,

Hopefully, by now you would have noticed that we intend to relaunch Island Life Liberation (ILL) as it once stood in 2016. We appreciate that ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead is not a very popular choice on the Steam market anymore, but we believe that with our unique mission file and community, we’ll be able to provide a fun and exciting environment for you to play and relive your exciting ILL memories.

We plan on launching the server as a one week experience this summer, however, we commit to our promise of keeping the server up and alive for as long as we have enough players attending on a regular basis.

From now to release, you’ll be able to access our Release Schedule, which details what can be expected and when:

Thanks, we look forward to seeing you on ILL!
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OMFGGDFSJGIOASDFIADJKCZMXC YES! Dope trailer; brings back some of the best memories I've had growing up.
Oh how great it feels to once again say, Hello Fellow Community Dwellers

I have been gone a while and have wondered if this place is still infested with squeakers

Thank Goodness we are back on Arma 2 because three was fucking aids

Now we just gotta make sure we avoid all police raids

Unfortunately in a few short months I have to go back to working on a ship

Please tell me you will last till I get back else I swear to god I'll flip

Writing such poems always makes me think to the count I once kept on my bans

Who cares at the very least they got me a fuck tonna fans

With the exception of one, a Polish so full of salt named Alex

He said my poems suck but as far as I'm concerned he still can't get any sex

That's all for now folks, DM me if you have a request

Luck is back boys, let's put my rhyming to the test

(P.S I'm in for a nasty hangover tomorrow might not see your requests right away)