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  1. Steve

    The ILL Funeral

    its not dead until its dis dead... the joke is the cringe factor okay??
  2. Steve

    Lack of Staff

    Well, I was gonna make a short post like this a little bit ago; but then Ellis logged on teamspeak so I figured I'd just send him a PM, anyways; he said this was being looked into however I don't see any change other than THANK FUCK, HP is back for Australian times; before HP, it was quite...
  3. Steve

    New tier?

    2 towers and a militarized fortress aren't necessary for a green zone, just saying <3 love the idea though.
  4. Steve


    Vote Rudoslav Smith #1
  5. Steve

    Weed is broken

    Cant tell whether this is a joke or a real thread.... :unsure: :thinking:...
  6. Steve


    Welcome to the fun side of the Arma Roleplay Communities; most find it depressing, others find it fun, I personally find it to be massive fun having no limitations to roleplay.
  7. Steve

    What makes your TLL / ILG / ILL / AR experience?

    ILG >>> The learning process was the best thing i've ever experienced with the arma series not having played any other gamemode before the roleplay aspect. ILL >>> The staff phase, learnt how to be a better person; take on responsibility and quite literally gave me a head start to having...
  8. Steve

    Yeah the boys! > Steve Snow.

    Hi, I'm Steve; some know me by Steve Swan <-Jokes probably like 2 people know me by that, Steve Angleo <- The boysss, or Steve Snow <- Current Anyways; a bit of a background of my past... I Joined back in late 2015, became a member of the Underground Outlaws on the 23rd of January, 2016, played...
  9. Steve


    Godlike, welcome back JP.
  10. Steve

    BETA Key Release & Giveaway

    30 civs vs staff, sounds like fun to me!
  11. Steve

    Hi Benjamin, I am Steve.

    Hi Benjamin, I am Steve.
  12. Steve

    In-Game Tier Shop Giveaway

    Good luck lmao
  13. Steve

    Ay Scampy dogg

    Ay Scampy dogg
  14. Steve

    Hi Killer Memestar :P

    Hi Killer Memestar :P
  15. Steve

    I am Steve.

    I am Steve.
  16. Steve

    2019 Summer Re-Launch

    OMFGGDFSJGIOASDFIADJKCZMXC YES! Dope trailer; brings back some of the best memories I've had growing up.