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    [SOLVED]Steam account stolen games stolen

    Yeah removing games are possible from an account, though I don't see why they did that.. Should be no problem getting those actions reversed by steam's support though, as its not like items that have a value, its games that have already been activated.
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    Alsing and Frank morgan deserve super admin

    I like the enthusiasm in this post.
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    hp is back <3

    hp is back <3
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    im glad it could be of service

    im glad it could be of service
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    Data file too short

    Have you tried deleting the @ILG folder and re-extracting? Try redownloading the .zip as well if that does not fix it.
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    Я хотел бы, чтобы мой русский был хорошим. Просьба предоставить перевод. Все, что я знаю, чтобы сказать, это привет, я не русский, а сука.
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    Привет, я Ultima, я канадец и играю на этом потрясающем сервере с ноября 2014 года, и я очень доволен его возвращением. Я надеюсь, что наши протесты с Armycat повлияли на это решение. Я не могу ждать RDM всех!
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    2019 Summer Re-Launch

    Can't wait to drive my speed upgrade 5 f350 on the railway running away from police with the lad @armycat
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    In-Game Tier Shop Giveaway

    It's just like the old times. You can still get weapons (obviously) from other shops in game. Just different for tiers and other regular shops.
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    2019 Summer Re-Launch

    HELL YEAH! Miss that car.
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    2019 Summer Re-Launch

    There definitely was, its UltimaA380
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    2019 Summer Re-Launch

    Luck! I remember talking to you about pearson and stuff lol. The amount of excitement that is in my teeny brain right now is immense. Ellis, finally mate. I hope our protests helped make this happen. ❤
  14. ultima

    2019 Summer Re-Launch