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  1. Ryanstg24

    How many hours do you have on Arma 2/3?

    Ok well its late and im bored so I went exploring to see how I have no life or atleast in the past. Arma 2 I have 2727 hours. Never thought I would get there let a lone that odd number. (All on Island Life ILG/ILL crazyyyyyyyy) Arma 3 I have...
  2. Ryanstg24

    It's nice to finally be back

    Oh my lord? Coldy can you make me a song for my 2014 ILG Video? Jk I love you and welcome back! Lets play sometime
  3. Ryanstg24

    Alsing and Frank morgan deserve super admin

    If you work hard you get what you deserve. Anything is a possibility.
  4. Ryanstg24

    Lack of Staff

    Until it is increased I would recommend making player reports on the forums as that is the best bet to get the "rule breakers" in trouble.
  5. Ryanstg24

    Crackdown on corrupt cops

    @dirty I agree with that 100%. The cops are very reckless but a lot of the time they are responding somewhere. And if you feel something isnt right there is always requesting support. If you can't find it in the rules or you have a question I mean the Staff Team is here to help and they can...
  6. Ryanstg24


    There are many stories that he has. It’s just whether or not they will end up in a divorce or an arrest.
  7. Ryanstg24

    Server Not showing

    Bad boy try connecting to the TeamSpeak if you haven’t before. It should help like Alsing said and you need to be on TeamSpeak while your playing anyway. And if that doesn’t fix it they’ll help you further if you join Requesting Support.
  8. Ryanstg24


    Maybe this will keep you occupied so you won’t be looking at your neighbor.
  9. Ryanstg24


    Hoxton the man. <3
  10. Ryanstg24

    Seemed like yesterday

    Seemed like yesterday
  11. Ryanstg24

    In-Game Tier Shop Giveaway

    Tier X. Only way to go. <3 Im so hyped cant wait.
  12. Ryanstg24

    2019 Summer Re-Launch

    Lemme know if you need help papa Ellis. I got you and read my message. :)