Server Rules

Island Life Liberation
Rules revised by [ILL] Ellis and [ILL] Callum
Rules edited by Tyler, Robin, Steve, Hp,
Nick, Hillman, ReleaseTheKraken, Fogell McLovin
11th July 2019

Island Life Liberation Rules

Everyone is required to connect and be in Teamspeak: TS3.ISLANDLIFELIBERATION.NET
Civilian is the default class on the server, this is the easiest class to learn how to play and with it brings a variety of role-play opportunities. civilians can do just about everything ranging from running for President, creating a Gang/Mafia and taking over the streets of Emita, starting up your own Taxi company and much more! It is recommended you play Civilian if it is your first time playing the server.
Emita Police Department
The police officer class is the hardest of classes to learn to play. In order to play as a Police Officer you're required to be in our Team Speak as well you're required to be trained to play the slot. Only then can you play as a Police Officer. Police Officers main jobs consist of upholding the law of Emita. You do so by pulling over traffic violators and responding to nine one one calls. Emita Police Department has a variety of different slots that are playable, they are.
Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T)
S.W.A.T or Special Weapons and Tactics is the Emita Police Departments tactical team, they're vital for situations which require a tactical advantage such as Hostage missions, Safe house missions, Bank robberies, and many other occasions. To play as SWAT you require Police Officer Training and SWAT Training. You can take the SWAT Application after playing the server for one full month, the application can be found on the main menu under Applications.
Internal Affairs (IA)
Internal Affairs is Cop Slot one, it requires you to have Police Officer Training AND you must have Admin approval each and every time you wish to play the slot. Internal Affairs duties include; organizing Police Officers and commanding them giving them structure and keeping them organized for call outs and other emergencies however IA's main focus is to deal with corruption on the force. The Internal Affairs Officer is responsible for all Police Officers and must investigate and handle corrupt officers.
Vice is Emita Police Department's detective team. They're in charge of investigating gang areas and removing narcotics off of the streets of Emita. They do so by staking out Gang areas or driving around in unmarked vehicles and in plain clothes to blend in. Vice requires no special permissions aside from the basic Police Officer Training. It is recommended only advanced players play Vice due to its complexity and difficult rules.
Emergency Services Unit is the City of Emitas first respondents. They cover all fire and medical emergencies and focus on car accidents, medical treatment, and if needed the removal of corpses. ESU can be fairly difficult if you aren't sure of what you're doing and can take some getting used to its play style. It requires no special training but it is recommended you know what you're doing and an advanced knowledge of the map is always a bonus. 
Teamspeak Information
All classes (Civilian, Police, and ESU) are required to be actively connected to our Team Speak 3 server (TS3.ISLANDLIFELIBERATION.NET). All classes are also restricted to their own respective channels; Civilians may only be in Civilian or Gang Channels, Police may only be in Patrol channels, and ESU are only to be in ESU Channels, the only exception to this rule is to staff members for obvious reasons who are allowed to monitor other channels for game play satisfaction purposes. In short this means that you may not join Police channels to complain about them arresting you, nor may Police do the opposite and join Civilian channels complaining about their role play, if you have an issue with an opposing class please bring it to a staff member via a Help Room.
Their is also an exception to VICE personnel, players who are Police Trained and currently occupying a VICE slot may at their own discretion play in a Civilian channel as long as it is not occupied by another Civilian actively playing.
New Life Rule
If a Civilian is killed by a cop or another civilian they are put under what is called "New Life Rule". However, committing suicide by respawn, jumping off a roof, etc. does not grant you NLR and you may be re-made wanted. Dying via suicide vest or bomb vehicle does grant you NLR. Essentially it is a new slate or fresh start. Once killed, said Civilian has no memory of their previous experiences. That means the following:
• Upon death, a Civilian could NOT contact the Police or give information on what had happened in his previous life.
• You can not return you your place of death for TEN (10) minutes.
• You cannot seek revenge on your killer.
• This means for instance, if you were to attack a Gang area and died you could not return to that fight for TEN (10) minutes.
Police Officers are not held to New Life Rule for the simple fact that their is only a small amount of them. Realistically, you would never be able to take on an entire Police force in real life. The only restrictions Police Officers are held to are the following:
• Police Officers are allowed to continuously respond to Bank Robberies, Safe House and Terrorist Situations, no waiting period required.
• Police Officers are allowed to relay information about suspects/locations even after being killed.
• If a Police Officer (This includes all sub-factions, SWAT and Vice) is killed during any raid, they may not return, period.

General Server Rules

Section One

1.0.1 - No cheating, exploiting, glitching, use of third party modifications (add-ons or executables), use of memory editor software (Cheat Engine or anything of the sort), or any other applications that are not provided, provisioned or endorsed by Island Life Liberation.

1.0.2 - Global and Side Chat VON (In-Game voice chat) are strictly not allowed. Typing on Global is to be limited and only when strictly needed, any form of spamming or unnecessary comments will result in you being removed from the server. Exceptions to this are posted below in the appropriate rule sections.

1.0.3 - All players are REQUIRED to be on our Teamspeak. (TS3.ISLANDLIFELIBERATION.NET)

1.0.4 - You're not allowed to suicide or respawn while in an active role-play situation. If you have to abandon a role-play situation, please message an active Moderator+ on Teamspeak to let them know (also inform those that you’re currently in a role-play situation with that you have to disconnect).

1.0.4 - Deathmatching is strictly forbidden, this includes killing with poor reason, baiting players just to shoot them, or anything of the sort. You must have proper reasoning to kill someone. For instance, you cannot kill a police officer pulling you over for speeding or if you’re wanted for minor crimes.

1.0.5 - Using your vehicle as a weapon is not allowed (Vehicle Deathmatch), even in situations where you could use it as self defense. However, you may use your vehicle as a tool (i.e light ramming) to prevent the vehicle from fleeing (this includes Police vs Civilian chases and Civilian vs Civilian chases).

1.0.6 - You are never allowed to purposely crash an aviation vehicle (helicopter, plane or anything that flies). This is a rule we take very seriously and can result in a permanent ban from the server.

1.0.7 - Areas marked on the map as green (except the Apple Orchard) are no crime zones; crime is strictly forbidden in these areas. Police officers, however, may still arrest you in a green (donor areas have it’s own exceptions, please see the donor section below for more information). If you are wanted you should try to avoid theses areas as although police can arrest you inside of these areas, you may not take any action upon the officer. However, if you are being chased by someone trying to rob you, you may not flee to a green zone for cover. This is considered breaking role-play. Police officers must seek Moderator+ approval to use lethal against a wanted criminal inside of a green zone (still see the donor section for its own exceptions).

1.0.8 - Civilians are allowed to steal police weapons & vehicles; keep in mind these items are not to be taken from locked vehicles or green zones. This rule excludes stun weapons (taser and bean bag shotgun), as civilians are not allowed to possess or use a police stun weapon.

1.0.9 - Police may use lethal force against criminals who are wanted for: Hit and Run, Attempted Murder, Murder/Assassination, Robbing the Government Convoy, Robbing the Bank and Terrorism. Police may also shoot on sight people who attempt to steal/are driving police vehicles. Please also be noted that they must be literally wanted for Hit and Run, as there is a difference between VDM & Hit and Run.

1.0.10 - Anyone loitering in the area of a government convoy (Bank/Security truck) for an extended period of time can also be engaged with lethal, AFTER a typed warning to leave the area has been issued and 15 seconds has been allowed for the loiterer to leave.

1.0.11 - You are not allowed to land near or fly over Civilian Spawn under ANY circumstances (Civilian, ESU or Police), and doing so will most likely result in a permanent ban.

1.0.12 - Crimes are not to be committed against ESU, this includes stealing ESU vehicles, robbing ESU personnel and killing ESU. There are no exceptions to this rule, and failure to abide by this rule could result in a ban from the server.

1.0.13 - If you VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) someone you MUST contact them immediately and offer compensation equal to what they have lost. It is advised you screenshot this process in-case the issue is escalated and brought to a member of staff. The ONLY exemption to this rule is if a cop intentionally uses his body to block/stop a vehicle that contains a criminal within it. If there is an alternative way instead of running over the cop, this option MUST be taken first. (Remember it is down to evidence or staff discretion to determine the outcome if brought to a help room).

1.0.14 - You may not join class-specific TS channels that you are not a part of, i.e. no cops in civilian channels, and vice-versa. Also, as police you MUST be in a police channel unless you have a valid reason which has been verified by a staff member. Additionally, you may cross-join channels to offer compensation for accidental VDM/RDM (be polite and leave immediately if you’re unwanted there - do not cause more hassle/retaliate to any verbal comment you may receive).

1.0.15 - You are not allowed to fail role-play (Fail RP) on this server. This applies to but is not limited to, jumping into the driver's seat of a vehicle whilst tased/restrained or disconnecting from the server whilst being brought to jail.

1.0.16 - If you see someone breaking a rule, go to requesting help on Teamspeak and wait patiently in a Requesting Staff Member channel (instead of spamming global with RDM, VDM, etc).

1.0.17 - Do not play sound files on Global or Side Chat. Please keep them limited to group/vehicle/direct chats.

1.0.18 - Police are allowed to return fire into a gang area and move into said gang area if they receive fire from inside the gang area zone. No raid warning is required.

1.0.19 - You may not steal weapons or equipment from a locked vehicle, even if you’re given the option to take the item from the vehicle.

1.0.20 - When taking the cop/SWAT test, you must take it as an individual and not contact others for answers. Doing so could lead to a cop/SWAT side ban.

1.0.21 - Do not use misleading/similar gang names to official factions.


Police Rules

Section Two

2.0.1 - Police officers may only use lethal firearms when their life or another life is in immediate danger; or if the target is wanted for one of the following: Hit and Run, Attempted Murder, Murder/Assassination, Robbing the Government Convoy, Robbing the Bank and Terrorism. However, it is ADVISED to try and take the criminal alive but only when practical.

2.0.2 - All police officers must carry a non-lethal firearm (taser or bean bag shotgun). SWAT & Vice have their own rules and so are not bound by this rule.

2.0.3 - Any weapons found while on patrol must be taken as criminal evidence (via the scroll wheel). You may not pick them up and use them as your own.

2.0.3A - Any money found at a crime scene must be removed as evidence via scroll wheel.

2.0.4 - Police officers may only use their class specific equipment. You may not use SWAT / Vice equipment while occupying a normal police officer slot, this includes both vehicles and weaponry. Vice may, however, use civilian vehicles and weaponry to blend in, providing it is not a sniper rifle,  marksman rifle, machine gun (such as the M60), or launchers. Assault rifles are fine providing they do not have a marksman or sniper scope.

2.0.6 - Police officers may only shoot at a fleeing vehicle if it is occupied by a currently wanted civilian for one of the following: Hit and Run, Attempted Murder, Murder, Robbing the Government Convoy, Robbing the Bank and Terrorism. You may not shoot at a fleeing vehicle with a stun weapon (taser or bean bag shotgun), as this is not realistic.

2.0.7 -  Police officers are required to inform civilians of their charges AND time to be jailed before they are put in jail (THIS MUST BE TYPED).

2.0.8 - Police officers may never randomly search civilians or vehicles (this includes during a traffic stop).

2.0.9 - A police officer must have probable cause to search a civilian, probable cause could include but is not limited to:

  • Recently leaving a gang area
  • In the immediate area at the time of a robbery
  • Driving a stolen vehicle
  • Having an unholstered weapon (licensed or not)

2.0.10 - Any area highlighted in ORANGE or RED on the map is restricted to raid rules. You require at least THREE (3) officers to raid an area, you must announce a raid before entering said area and must actually enter the area. A raid cannot last any longer than 15 minutes, and requires a 15 minute cool down period for that specific area. However, that does not stop you from raiding another area. Good Fellas HQ (Mafia) requires a 5 person team to raid and follows gang area raiding rules. Cops that enter a gang area and die are bound by NLR rules and may not return for 10 minutes.

**If there are less than five (5) Police Officers online you may raid by yourself, all other raiding rules still apply and the raid must still be announced.


2.0.11 - Police officers should obey traffic laws unless responding to an emergency situation, in which case they must drive Code 2 or Code 3.

2.0.12 - You must have the “Trained Police Officer” tag on Teamspeak to be able to play on BLUFOR side (cop side).

2.0.13 - Police officers have the right to shoot at individuals attempting to steal police vehicles as it is considered an act of aggression upon the Government. Once the person exits that vehicle, they are no longer considered kill on sight and you must refrain from using lethal firearms.

2.0.14 - If a suspect being pursued flees into a gang area, the cops may pursue them into it to apprehend them. The cops should not apprehend, search, or otherwise harass anyone else inside acting peacefully, as being in a gang area is not a crime by itself. The cops may, however, search anyone with an unholstered illegal weapon. If the cops have not successfully apprehended the suspect after 5 minutes they must leave or call a legal raid if they wish to stay.

2.0.15 - Armed or armored vehicles may be shot on sight with intent to kill the crew (except for PMC armed/armored vehicles). This includes the terrorist bomb car (Hippie Lada) and Bomb truck from IRA.

2.0.16 - Police officers that are donors may only use donor weapons that are in the VIP cop base.

2.0.17 - Police officers can not camp/park inside Civilian Spawn, as this induces trolling and other needless encounters between new-spawns and police officers. In short, this means you may not hang around in Civilian Spawn. However, you can enter if you are called to a situation and are needed to arrest someone but you must leave immediately after.

2.0.18 - Police officers are allowed to destroy armed / terrorist vehicles or take them into police custody, except for PMC vehicles.

2.0.19 - Police Side Chat (VON/Voice) is only to be used for situations that immediately endanger yours or someone else's life (examples: shots fired, etc). Anything else should be said via Teamspeak to reduce In-Game microphone spam. If you spam Side Chat with useless information you risk being kicked and even risk losing your police badge.

2.0.20 - If the bank truck appears to be glitched/bugged you may contact an administrator to be granted permission to drive the bank truck, only after you have been granted admin permission may you drive the bank truck.

2.0.21 - Police officers may search civilians at police checkpoints freely (These should be marked on the map in global).

2.0.22 - Police officers are not allowed to loiter around at the PMC HQ.

2.0.23 - Police officers must abide by the penal code and it’s content found here (corruption has it’s own exceptions).

2.0.24 - The airspace around/over the jail is a no-fly zone for civilian aircraft. Any aircraft violating this airspace are to be warned to leave (via a typed Global Chat message) and then shot if they do not comply within a reasonable time frame.

2.0.25 - To prevent a jailbreak, lethal force is only allowed against any armed civilian inside the jail zone. As soon as the helicopter leaves the jail zone, you must follow rule 5.0.6

2.0.26 - Police are required to type out the full name of the gang area to raid it.

SWAT Rules

Section Two, Sub-Section One

2.1.1 - Failure to follow any of the SWAT rules can result in you being banned from playing SWAT.

2.1.2 - You are to be in your patrol officer uniform unless acting in the capacity of SWAT.

2.1.3 - You may only use SWAT weapons/gear/vehicles when wearing your SWAT uniform and responding to a situation. When acting as a patrol officer you must follow all regular patrol officer rules and store/sell your SWAT gear.

2.1.4 - SWAT teams are required to have at least one member of the team with a non-lethal firearm (taser or bean bag shotgun), the remainder of the team may choose between lethal or non-lethal.

2.1.5 - You must be in a SWAT room on Teamspeak when acting as SWAT.

2.1.6 - SWAT may respond to bank robberies, hostage situations, terrorism, jailbreaks, safe house, or any situation where officers have a legitimate need for SWAT and request it. The only instances, where they may patrol, is to locate an active terrorist, or if there is a confirmed armed/armored vehicle driving around. They may also search for highly wanted individuals (over 100k bounty). However, they may not take action on any other individual they see unless in self defense.

2.1.7 - SWAT officers may never play corrupt regardless if they have permission or not, it is strictly not allowed.

2.1.8 - SWAT officers may only use the armed HMMWV and Armed Little Bird against confirmed terrorists or armed/armored vehicles. However, if you receive fire while using the Armed Little Bird, armed HMMWV or the Seahawk, you are allowed to return fire even if they aren't wanted or confirmed terrorists at that stage.

2.1.9 - The Seahawk can only be used during hostage missions, safe house missions, terrorism, and against armored or armed vehicles.

2.1.10 - Launchers (IGLA, Stinger, M136, etc.) may only be used against armed, armored, and terrorist vehicles (Include Audi A8 Limo). You may not use them to clear buildings or against any other targets. The only exception is you may use a launcher to shoot down a wanted helicopter as long as all other rules are followed. The tear gas launcher is the exception to this rule.

2.1.11 - To prevent a jailbreak, lethal force is only allowed against armed civilians inside the jail zone. As soon as the helicopter leaves the jail zone, you must follow rule 5.0.6 stated in the Aviation Rules section (5.0.6 - If within an aircraft there is a criminal wanted for a violent crime (Hit and Run, Attempted Murder, Murder/Assassination, Robbing the Government Convoy and Terrorism), it may be shot only AFTER a typed warning over global for it to land.).

Vice Rules

Section Two, Sub-Section Two

2.2.1 - Vice Personnel are not required to carry a non-lethal firearm.

2.2.2 - Vice personnel are allowed to stake out areas (observe the area) which would normally require officers to raid, regardless of the amount of Vice online. If Vice personnel want to raid and arrest people you must raid per normal.

2.2.3 - Vice equipment is to only be used by Vice personnel, no exceptions, upon switching to a regular patrol slot you must sell all of your equipment.

2.2.4 - You are required to have the “Trained Police Officer” tag in order to play as Vice.

2.2.5 - Vice's main objective is to gather information and infiltrate gang's removing dangerous figures from the streets of Emita.

2.2.6 - Vice may not use the terrorist skin from IRA base.

2.2.7 - Vice may not commit crimes, however, Vice personnel are allowed to possess Narcotics and illegal weapons to try and conduct stings with.

2.2.8 - Vice may use civilian vehicles and weaponry to blend in, providing it is not a sniper rifle,  marksman rifle, machine gun (such as the M60), or launchers. Assault rifles are fine providing they do not have a scope that magnifies the scope’s optics.

2.2.9 - Vice are allowed to use entrapment on civilians i.e. sell drugs to them and conduct sting operations. We don't consider this as a form of corruption.

2.2.10 - Vice can get into chases, however, they can not pull people over for traffic offenses such as speeding, driving in the wrong lane, etc.

Corruption Rules

Section Two, Sub-Section Three

2.3.1 - Police corruption is only allowed when there is an admin online and active Internal Affairs/Supervisor Officer AND you have permission from an Administrator or above.

2.3.2 - Corruption is not shooting other cops or getting cops to chase you, if you aren't sure if it would be allowed ask an admin before carrying it out. A few examples of corruption are:

  • Ticketing people for false reasons
  • Alerting a gang or criminal organization to a possible raid
  • Giving the location of another police officer
  • Use of narcotics whilst on duty

2.3.3 - You are not allowed to arrest people for false reasons.

2.3.4 - You are not allowed to sell police vehicles/weaponry/equipment.

2.3.5 - Only normal patrol officers may role-play corrupt. Internal Affairs, Vice, Dispatch, and SWAT are strictly not allowed to role-play corrupt, no exceptions.

2.3.6 - Police officers may accept a bribe without an online Internal Affairs/Supervisor or Admin permission.

Civilian Rules

Section Three


3.0.1 - You cannot commit any crimes within a green zone (Civilian Spawn, all Police spawns, and Donor areas). You also cannot rob other players within 30 meters of any vehicle factory.

3.0.2 - If you're about to be robbed or notice yourself being chased, you cannot flee to a green zone. This applies to civilian side only and if you are being chased by police you may enter green zone, but still can not under ANY circumstances commit crime whilst in these zones. Police officers may arrest you inside of a green zone (see donor section below for the exceptions to these rules), but you may not commit any offence on the officer except evade from him.

3.0.3 - You may not bait cops for the reason of getting into a potentially violent confrontation (e.g. calling 911 to rob a cop, camping cop bases whilst wanted, etc.).

3.0.4 - You do not have to inform someone that you are robbing them, however if they run off or do not comply without you informing them you cannot kill them. Only if they have been warned by a descriptive TYPED message may you kill them for running off, also if either the robber or person being robbed is in a moving vehicle the message MUST be typed in Global or Side Chat with the name of the person being robbed specified in the BEGINNING of the message.

3.0.6 - If your friend is being harassed by a police officer (i.e being stunned/shot at/chased) OR civilian, you must both currently be in the same gang if you wish to help him. You are allowed to pick him up in a vehicle and attempt to flee, however, you cannot shoot at police officers without being in a gang together. You MUST be in a gang together if you wish to save your friend from another civilian.

3.0.7 - During Safe House missions the entire area is considered kill on sight for Civilians vs Police. Civilians may not commit crime against other civilians during a safe house mission.

3.0.8 - Civilians may not use/possess police stun weapons (taser or bean bag shotgun) under any circumstances.

3.0.9 - Civilians may only shoot police officers when they are being pursued and they are wanted. This, however, does not include minor crimes (including evasion & grand theft auto).

3.0.10 - Civilians may kill on sight any police officer protecting a government convoy (Bank/Security truck).

3.0.11 - You may not disconnect and instantly re-connect after death to save your gear and weapons. Anyone found doing this will be permanently banned from the server for bug abuse with no chance of appeal.

3.0.12 - You may not drive your vehicle into water intentionally whilst being pursued by police officers (as police officers have no physical way of apprehending you from the water).

Gang Rules

Section Three, Sub-Section One

3.1.1 - By default all gangs are neutral to each other. Gang wars can be declared for ANY reason (being part of another gang is enough reason for any gang to declare war on you). If you are shot or killed by a member of another gang it is considered an automatic declaration of war

3.1.2 - Civilians may kill anyone inside gang areas, drug fields or drug selling areas on sight regardless if they're armed or not (terrorist weapons dealer is not classified as a gang area). This rule applies to Civilians vs Civilians and Civilians vs. Police.  Police may only KOS civilians inside a gang area if they are armed and after a raid has been announced (there may be some exceptions which are stated in the police section of the rules).

3.1.3 - Attacking another gang’s members/neutralising another gang’s gang area is an automatic declaration of gang war.

3.1.4 - Anyone in the vicinity of a Gang area (within the orange/red highlighted area on the map) can be killed on sight, this applies to civilians killing police officers, and civilians killing other civilians.

3.1.5 - In order for a gang war to end, BOTH gangs must agree to reasonable terms.

3.1.6 - The IRA base is considered a gang area and is subject to gang area rules (including raid rules).

3.1.7 - NLR (New Life Rule) does not apply during gang wars.

3.1.8 - To declare gang war, you must include the other gang’s name in the declaration.

3.1.9 - Members of gangs that are at war with each other can be killed on sight freely.

3.1.10 - If you’re going to switch gangs/join a gang mid-life you must announce it over global (stating which gang you have left and which gang you’re going to join). If you respawn and switch gangs, you do not need to announce this.

3.1.11 - You may not leave your gang during a gun fight or for 5 minutes after a gun fight.

3.1.12 - To create a business gang or organization you are required to add '[Biz]' to the end of the gang name.

3.1.13 - Business gangs may not capture gang areas, declare gang wars or have gang wars declared against them. However, you must be a legitiamate business and this should be demonstratable to a member of staff. Business gangs should not be used as a way to avoid gang warfare while not actually running an in-game business operations.

3.1.14 - Business gangs may only be used to roleplay as a business meaning that you cannot make one just to protect yourself and friends without getting caught up in a gang war. When in a business gang you man not commit any violent or robbery related crimes.


Rival gang = gang your gang is in war with.

Terrorism Rules

Section Three, Sub-Section Two

3.2.1 - Terrorism is a coordinated attack on a specific area with a valid role-play reason. Terrorism is NOT an excuse to shoot people on sight and deathmatch. Role-play is required.

3.2.2 - You must have a legitimate reason to declare terror, it cannot be because you received a ticket from a police officer and you're mad. When declaring terror, you must state over Global Chat as an individual (you may not declare terror for anyone else, including your own gang) that you are declaring terror, the area in which you're attacking, and the reason.

3.2.3 - You must have a terrorist license in order to declare terror, declaring terror without a license will lead to administrative actions taken against you. The IRA license cannot be used as a terror license.

3.2.4 - After you have declared terror and your objective was successful OR you have been killed, you must wait a 30 minute cool down period before you’re able to re-declare terror. In order to declare terror again you need another valid reason to do so.

3.2.5 - You must declare terror if you wish to use an armed vehicle such as the Pickup PK, Armed Land rover M2 or the Armed Huey (even if you are attempting to steal SWAT's armed HMMWV).

3.2.6 - You may not activate the bomb car or truck whilst being airlifted.

Private Military Company Rules

Section Three, Sub-Section Three

3.3.1 - Civilians aren't allowed to steal and use PMC gear or vehicles under any circumstances.

3.3.1 - Private Military Contractors may only use PMC gear while on an active contract. They can be hired by the police or civilians. PMC may not be hired by terrorists.

3.3.2 - Private Military Contractors may not commit crime independently. They must be on a contract and must only commit a crime if it is absolutely vital towards the success of their contract.

3.3.3 - If all members of the Private Military Company are killed while on a contract, the contract then must be terminated. If a member of the PMC dies and there is at least one surviving member, the member who died must wait 10 minutes before returning to the contract (same way in which NLR works).

3.3.4 - All Private Military Company members must be in a gang, the name must contain "PMC" within it. Example: Black Water PMC

3.3.5 - Gang war cannot be declared on PMC groups, however, a PMC group may be hired to attack a rival gang area or defend a gang area.

3.3.6 - Before PMC groups carry out their contract they must announce (type) in Global Chat that they are on a contract and it must include who has hired them.

3.3.7 - When PMC is hired by the police department they have to use non-lethal (bean bags or tasers) unless your life or your contract’s life is in danger, or when the suspect is flying an aircraft and is wanted for a violent crime (after being given a typed warning to land in Global Chat).

3.3.8 - Private Military Contractors must give typed warnings via Global Chat before using lethal force on an individual the only exception is if the contracts life is in IMMEDIATE danger.  Private Military Contractors are NOT assassins.

3.3.9 - Private Military Contractors may only use the armored SUV in client escorts or defence contracts (i.e. defending a specific area).

3.4.10 - The governor's limos are exempt from rules regarding armored/armed vehicles.

Government Rules

Section Three, Sub-Section Four

3.4.1 - The Governor must be a civilian.

3.4.2 - The Governor and his guards may not commit crimes unless the Governor has been declared corrupt (Admin permission required to declare a Governor corrupt). This applies to all police.

3.4.3 -  The governor may not be in a criminal gang while elected, however, he may be in a business gang. The title of the gang must be government related. This gang may not commit crimes.

3.4.4 - The governor and his gang may not take gang areas or engage in gang wars.

3.4.5 - The governor may add laws of corruption with Admin approval i.e; Ability to buy and sell narcotics, have weapons unholstered, etc.

3.4.6 - The governor is allowed to give permission for his bodyguards to have unholstered weapons for protection usage.

3.4.7 - Cops must follow the governor no matter what unless they have admin permission. Civilians hold the responsibility of declaring the governor corrupt and they may assassinate him/her if they do not meet their demands.

3.4.8 - The governor must actively role-play at all times, meaning sitting in green zones or hiding in a remote building is not acceptable - doing this may result in a permanent removal from government tools and removal of government made funds from your player's bank account.

3.4.9 - The governor's guards MUST be declared in the laws with each of their civilian numbers or names.

Assassin Rules

Section Three, Sub-Section Five

3.5.1 - If you wish to play as an assassin (taking on a contract to kill someone) you must possess an assassin's license and must have a gang with a clear assassin name as the name. E.g Assassins R Us.

3.5.2 - The minimum amount you can charge for a hit is $50,000 for a civilian, and $75,000 for a police officer (this includes SWAT and Vice).

3.5.3 - Upon taking a contract, you must announce who your target is over Global Chat every 15 minutes.

3.5.4 - If an assassin is killed during their contract, they are under NLR and may NOT continue to hunt or give info about the target. All remaining assassin gang members may still hunt the target.

3.5.5 - If all members of the assassin gang are killed while on contract, the contract is considered over.

3.5.6 - To use assassin weaponry acquired from the assassin base, you must role-play as an assassin. This means you cannot use these weapons for anything except contracted assassinations or self defense.

3.5.7 - An assassin gang is considered a business gang. This means they cannot capture gang areas, declare gang wars or have gang wars declared against them.

3.5.8 - Once you have killed your target there is a cool down period of 30 minutes before re-declaring the same target.

Emergency Services Unit

Section Four

4.0.1 - Emergency Services Unit must remain impartial to both classes at all times. This includes helping cops and civilians with ladders, chases, etc.

4.0.3 - Emergency Services Unit may charge for their services as long as the prices remain reasonable and affordable.

4.0.4 - Emergency Services Unit may only drive ESU vehicles, no exceptions. They also may not be in possession of a weapon (legal or not).

4.0.5 - Emergency Services Unit must abide by the laws at all times, they are never allowed to break the law, period.

4.0.6 - Emergency Services Unit personel are not allowed to carry any weapons on them.

Aviation Rules

Section Five

5.0.1 - Aircraft are not allowed to fly or land in, near or around civ spawn. This is a bannable offense.

5.0.2 - Landing within city limits without police approval is against the law and the pilot may be ticketed and checked for an air license. Repeated offenses can result in the aircraft being confiscated (at the officer’s discretion).

5.0.3 - Aircraft must maintain a safe (100m minimum or higher) altitude over the city unless authorized by the police for a legitimate reason.

5.0.4 - The airspace around/over the jail is a no-fly zone for civilian aircraft. Any aircraft violating this airspace are to be warned to leave (via a typed Global Chat message) and then shot if they do not comply within a reasonable time frame.

5.0.5 - If an aircraft is being flown by a criminal wanted for anything other than a violent crime (as specified below), they may be asked to land via a typed message over Global Chat, however, they may NOT be shot down. With this in mind, if the police force is raiding a gang area and a helicopter beings to flee from the area, officers may shoot at the helicopter even if it is not occupied by a wanted criminal.

5.0.6 - If within an aircraft there is a criminal wanted for a violent crime (Hit and Run, Attempted Murder, Murder/Assassination, Robbing the Government Convoy, Robbing the Bank and Terrorism), it may be shot once a typed message over Global Chat has been typed ordering the pilot to land (you must wait a reasonable amount of time to see if the pilot is actually landing).

5.0.7 - All armed aircraft are illegal and may be shot on sight without a warning.

5.0.8 - You may not use the weapons on an armed vehicle while airlifting the armed vehicle.

5.0.9 - You may only airlift a vehicle if you have received permission to do so from the owner of the vehicle. However, you can airlift vehicles that you have lock picked and you may airlift the government convoy (Bank/Security truck).

Tier and Group Rules

Section Six

6.0.1 - Tier zones are considered strict "no-action" zones. This means you may not take any action, hostile or otherwise, against anyone inside these zones. You're not allowed to camp these areas or wait for a player to leave the zones to take action against them under any circumstances (this includes police).

6.0.2 - You may not use tier weapons unless you have the tier, however, you can attain permission to use them by asking a Super Admin for permission. The only time you may use a tier weapon without having the tier, is if you loot the weapon from a dead body.

6.0.3 - Groups equipment should only be used by the members of that group.

6.0.4 - You are not allowed to flee/hide in tier areas or faction zones when being chased.

IRA Rules

Section Seven

7.0.1 - You require Admin permission to use the bomb truck at IRA base. You must also inform the reason as to why you're buying it and what you plan to bomb. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in you being permanently removed from the server.

7.0.2 - To use the terrorist bomb car you must declare terror and follow the terror rules. You may NOT blow up key areas such as police bases, Civilian Spawn, voting booth or factories.

Hostage Rules

Section Eight

8.0.1 - Hostage takers must state via Global their demands for the hostage upon declaring they have a hostage, this includes ransom which must be reasonable in order to reduce deathmatching.

8.0.2 - Hostage taking demands must be realistic and reasonable, with ransom up to $500,000 to reduce deathmatching situations as well as refraining from trolling demand such as a bearcat full of skittles etc.

8.0.3 - Hostage situations must be role-played properly by hostages, hostage takers and the police. This means attempting to negotiate, complying with the hostage taker(s) as the hostage and making the situation realistic - e.g. other civilians should not fail role-play by going up to the hostage/taker. The exception to this rule is if the hostage is part of the hostage takers gang.

8.0.4 - If you are taken hostage and the hostage takers demand you join the channel, you must do it.

Teamspeak Rules

Section nine

9.0.1 - Abusive, trolling and disrespectful behavior is strictly forbidden, doing so could lead to a temporary suspension/cooldown from the Teamspeak server or ban depending on the extent of the situation.

9.0.2 - Do not loiter in the channels - please move to another channel if you do not have a legitimate reason to be there.

9.0.3 - Advertisements or recruitment in any form for any other gaming community is not allowed. (this includes verbal, links, suggestions)

9.0.4 - You may not join class-specific TS channels that you are not a part of, i.e. no cops in civilian channels, and vice-versa. Also, as police you MUST be in a police channel unless you have a valid reason which has been verified by a staff member. Additionally, you may cross-join channels to offer compensation for accidental VDM/RDM (be polite and leave immediately if you’re unwanted there - do not cause more hassle/retaliate to any verbal comment you may receive).