Release Schedule

23rd June - Trailer Release

26th June - Staff Applications

If you're interested in joining the Island Life Liberation staff team, you may do so by applying here:

30th June - Staff Interviews

Those that have passed the application stage of becoming a Helper will be invited to an interview.

1st July - Staff Promotions

Whilst others still await their staff interview, from this point some individuals may be invited on to the staff team as a Helper.

8th July - In-Game Tier Shop Giveaway

On this date, everyone registered on the website will be entered into a giveaway where several in-game tiers will be handed out at random. Those players will receive access to the old donator tier shops from ILG. An announcement detailing this will be posted on or around this date.

16th July - BETA Server Access Key Launch

BETA keys will be launched, with the server BETA release date soon to be confirmed.

19th July - Forum Release

The forums will launch and members will be able to create/reply to threads, as well as access other areas of the website.

24th July - BETA Server

Our closed BETA server will launch for 5 hours for those that have a BETA key. More information here.

TBD - Mod Pack Release @ILG - Delayed, more info coming soon

For those that don't have the mod pack installed, from this date you will be able to download and install the required addons.

29th July - TeamSpeak Release

From 4pm UK time you will be able to connect to the TeamSpeak using: (or with:

3rd August - Cop Test Release

The cop test will release on this date. You must receive a 90% pass mark on this date to obtain access to the cop slots, and must wait 24 hours before re-taking if you fail.


Time of server release to be announced (currently set at late afternoon).

Check this page often for more information on our release schedule.
Includes mod pack, rules, cop test and other application releases.

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    Jun 11, 2019
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