Island Life Liberation

  1. Steve Steve:
    Dead Server FongJingTai
  2. F FongJingtai:
    the mod pack isnt working for me. when i start my game it shows a error
  3. Samuel Samuel:
    teamspeak server first, then the server should pop up on the server list
  4. S Schokodonut97:
    which server do i need to join?
  5. S Schokodonut97:
    i mean ingame
  6. S Schokodonut97:
    how to start ilg?
  7. S splerfy:
  8. Scream Scream:
  9. Scream Scream:
    "Big stuff is happening this weekend!"
  10. NLRicardoFTW NLRicardoFTW:
    Its time to close a big chapter in the history of Arma Roleplay.
  11. R [RCDF]George:
    Not gonna lie, kinda mad I couldn't get on today for those tier giveaways. But sadly, real life takes priority. Heck I'm going to be busy tomorrow to.
  12. Foul Fighter Foul Fighter:
    it be a flop bruv
  13. J Joe Deer:
    Or is it not a thing
  14. J Joe Deer:
    So whens the server gonna happen
  15. Jack Pickles Jack Pickles:
    I player lol
  16. NLRicardoFTW NLRicardoFTW:
    We are gonna make this a good weekend, 1 last weekend. with big events, I promise you it myself! IT WILL BE FUN! START TO GRIND NOW!!!
  17. J Jacob Little:
    or anyone high up its about becoming a developer
  18. J Jacob Little:
    @Ellis can i speak with you on teamspeak ?
  19. Steve Steve:
  20. King Cr1TiKaL King Cr1TiKaL:
    Damn 😂
  21. Ryanstg24 Ryanstg24:
    That the video with the drug hat or whatever the hell it is
  22. HIllman HIllman:
    that video is awsome :D
  23. L Leo:
    nice memories
  24. L Leo:
  25. SkyHax SkyHax:
    Sorry mate, seems like you've just missed it, the offer ended this morning :/ @ChrisF
  26. Steve Steve:
    You missed it aye Chris, was free for like 48 hours or somethin
  27. ChrisF ChrisF:
    it says it's 7.99 for me D:
  28. Steve Steve:
    Oh sick cheers Sky
  29. SkyHax SkyHax:
    If anyone's intrested, you can get Dirt Rally for free, from Humble Bundle:
  30. Steve Steve:
    Ayoub and ChrisF I agree so much; why wipe on Sundays lmao; -Sunday Grind >Workdays > Saturday oh noes I've got 1 day to spend my last Sundays work...
  31. H hp user:
    was no one else coming on to take there place because there is no new players to get
  32. H hp user:
    is nothing brining in new players because there really just isnt a big enought market for it on arma 2, so as people got bored of the game again there
  33. H hp user:
    Unfortunatly i wasnt able to play the last couple of days because i dont have working internet at home, but in the end arma 2 is a dead game and there
  34. dirty dirty:
    yo my dudes! invite me on steam!
  35. dirty dirty:
    although i still love Arma life! Playing now :p
  36. dirty dirty:
    I would turn the server into an Esport server to host featured game comps like CS, LOL, Overwatch etc and win prizes like money, skins, games etc.
  37. P phoenix:
    i dont want server to go down, its a game of memories :(
  38. Ellis Ellis:
    Suggestions of all types will be read in the coming days and we'll post an announcement next week
  39. Ellis Ellis:
    We're busy rethinking some things for those that want us to remain open :)
  40. Alsing Alsing:
    It is lol

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2019 Summer Re-Launch

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Welcome back everyone,

Hopefully, by now you would have noticed that we intend to relaunch Island Life Liberation (ILL) as it once stood in 2016. We appreciate that ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead is not a very popular choice on the Steam market anymore, but we believe that with our unique mission file and community, we’ll be able to provide a fun and exciting environment for you to play and relive your exciting ILL memories.

We plan on launching the server as a one week experience this summer, however, we commit to our promise of keeping the server up and alive for as long as we have enough players attending on a regular basis.

From now to release, you’ll be able to access our Release Schedule, which details what can be expected and when:

Thanks, we look forward to seeing you on ILL!

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