1. W Wolfslayer"Danger"Powers:
  2. C Crypto:
    server sill on ?
  3. Rynnt Rynnt:
  4. Samuel Samuel:
    anyone? D:
  5. Alsing Alsing:
    fuckin gg :/
  6. P Popop:
    JOE WHO????????????????????????????????
  7. Frank Snow Frank Snow:
    do you know joe
  8. S Shaun:
  9. xPredator | David W xPredator | David W:
    Stop being such a depressive boi Alsing
  10. Alsing Alsing:
  11. Louis Parsons Louis Parsons:
    holy shit! i thought this community went down! oh man i missed ILL
  12. King Cr1TiKaL King Cr1TiKaL:
    Nah bro, shits dead as fuck.
  13. G Grazant:
    serveR BROKE?
  14. Steve Steve:
    Dead Server FongJingTai
  15. F FongJingtai:
    the mod pack isnt working for me. when i start my game it shows a error
  16. Samuel Samuel:
    teamspeak server first, then the server should pop up on the server list
  17. S Schokodonut97:
    which server do i need to join?
  18. S Schokodonut97:
    i mean ingame
  19. S Schokodonut97:
    how to start ilg?
  20. S splerfy:
  21. Scream Scream:
  22. Scream Scream:
    "Big stuff is happening this weekend!"
  23. NLRicardoFTW NLRicardoFTW:
    Its time to close a big chapter in the history of Arma Roleplay.
  24. R [RCDF]George:
    Not gonna lie, kinda mad I couldn't get on today for those tier giveaways. But sadly, real life takes priority. Heck I'm going to be busy tomorrow to.
  25. Foul Fighter Foul Fighter:
    it be a flop bruv
  26. J Joe Deer:
    Or is it not a thing
  27. J Joe Deer:
    So whens the server gonna happen
  28. Jack Pickles Jack Pickles:
    I player lol
  29. NLRicardoFTW NLRicardoFTW:
    We are gonna make this a good weekend, 1 last weekend. with big events, I promise you it myself! IT WILL BE FUN! START TO GRIND NOW!!!
  30. J Jacob Little:
    or anyone high up its about becoming a developer
  31. J Jacob Little:
    @Ellis can i speak with you on teamspeak ?
  32. Steve Steve:
  33. King Cr1TiKaL King Cr1TiKaL:
    Damn 😂
  34. Ryanstg24 Ryanstg24:
    That the video with the drug hat or whatever the hell it is
  35. HIllman HIllman:
    that video is awsome :D
  36. L Leo:
    nice memories
  37. L Leo:
  38. SkyHax SkyHax:
    Sorry mate, seems like you've just missed it, the offer ended this morning :/ @ChrisF
  39. Steve Steve:
    You missed it aye Chris, was free for like 48 hours or somethin
  40. ChrisF ChrisF:
    it says it's 7.99 for me D:

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New tier?

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Tier 5

As the heading suggests, we are releasing an update which will bring a new Tier with it. Currently, we have three tiers available for people to receive via giveaways, trivias and events. As a result of the success of the first week and as a thank you from us for all your support and activity we would like to give a little something extra back to the community and thus Tier 5 is here to be won.

Tier 5, will not be an easy perk to achieve and will take a lot of dedication and luck but for those who do make it to the point where they can receive the rank will soon realise how great it is.

Thanks for all your support!

Staff Roster & Giveaway Winners!

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Staff Roster

As some of you may know over the last week we have been conducting interviews for new staff positions. Whilst many of you applied we unfortunately did not have enough room for everyone, so, as a result we had to narrow it down to a select number of applicants. We appreciate the huge amount of interest into helping with the community and for anyone who did not get accepted, we wish you the best of luck if you decide to re-apply.

Ellis | Callum | Hillman

Robin | Tyler

(Level 1)
Benjamin | Jack

(Level 2)
Jester | Alsing

(Level 1)
Michael | xPredator | Chippy | Josh Cole | Hawk

Terry | Benedict | Samuel | Frank Snow | Freddie166 | Wizz | DD102 | Tyler4713
| JoelBHV | Kyle Tesmer | Taco | Ultima |
AmericanPatriot | Brendan | Johnny Wolf | LtFletcher | Frank Morgan
*Names in bold are new applicants who have been accepted into the staff team

Giveaway Winners!

✰ Tier 3 ✰
@Cronut McNut

Tier 2 ✰

✰ Tier 1 ✰

*Giveaway winners will receive their prize once TeamSpeak has been released

In-Game Tier Shop Giveaway

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To Enter

On the 8th of July we will be carrying out a giveaway for members on the forums.

To enter all you must do is register on the forums in which you will then automatically be entered in for the chance to win.


We will be having 6 winners in total!
Tier 3, 2 and 1 are all up for grabs.

Tier 3:
In-game access to Tier 1, 2 and 3 areas in the map (ATM / WEAPONS / CARS AND MORE).
Also access to Cop Tier shops (Level 1 / 2).
Lastly, a tag on TeamSpeak

Tier 2:
In-game access to Tier 1 and 2 areas in the map (ATM / WEAPONS / CARS AND MORE).
Also access to Cop Tier shops (Level 1)
Lastly, a tag on TeamSpeak

Tier 1:
In-game access to the Tier 1 area on the map (ATM / WEAPONS AND MORE)
Lastly, a tag on TeamSpeak

Staff Applications - Now Open

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Staff Applications: Open

It’s here, the time has come for anyone who is interested in becoming a staff member to apply now!

Interviews will commence from Sunday 30th June

Apply Here!
Best of luck - Callum

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